Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Information Technology: WCF

Common questions about WCF

1.What is WCF?
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a framework for building service-oriented

2.Why WCF is formed?
Need is the mother of all invention. The following are the needs arised when webservice is used as a traditional communication.
a.Need a framework which has ability to facilitate communication other than http and can be Tcp, IPC or even MSMQ.
b.Need a communication other than simplex communication or uni-directional communication and can be duplex or half-duplex.
c.Need services which are not to be dependent on only IIS and can be windows services or even self hosted.
d.Need to have different protocols and to support different applications.

3.How WCF Service is established?
A WCF service provides endpoints which client applications can use to communicate with the WCF service.
Then the main components of WCF Service are ABC.
Address  - location of the service
Binding  - way of communication like http, tcp, IPC or MSMQ
Contract - Service objects provided to the clients such as DataContract and ServiceContract

4.What is meant by DataContract in Contract?
An attribute specifies that this data type can be used by consumers of this WCF service and this attribute has an attribute DataMember.

5.What is meant by DataMember in DataContract?
An attribute to specify that clients can use these properties.

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