Monday, 2 June 2014

Short Story #8: Bond

"Why do you love him?", I asked her after an hour of conversation.

She replied instantly, a smile on her eyes. "He is a man of strong emotions, yet he masks them by his childish grin. He has a heart that yearns for care, yet he doesn't expect it from anyone. No one is capable of giving a life that is bed of roses, but while walking with each other, I know, we will never ever sense the pain of thorns. And I knew, to love him, one needs extreme tolerance and intelligence, which unfortunately I possess.", she said with a wink.

I looked at him. He wasn't amused. Rather he held her hands tight and kept smiling. "Have you ever asked him why he loves you?" I asked her again.

"Never. I told you. I possess extreme intelligence. And, his actions always speak what was required and thus words lost their necessity." We spoke for few more minutes and they got up. She gently freed her hands' from his and put one around his waist. He held her close by her shoulders, and started walking together from the garden pavement to the old age home after weaving me bye.

I understood what made their 45 years of marriage so strong and why they refused to spend their last few years with their son abroad. At some distance, I heard their loud laughter and with a sense of delight, I dialled to my friend, their son, to say until they are with each other around, they will be fine and have the best times of their lives.

June 2014

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