Thursday, 22 May 2014

Notations from my heart #3: Yanni Concert

The recent concert by yanni at chennai had tremendous response from the crowd. Yanni is a Greek composer who is hailed as the most successful non- film,  classical based composer in the current western music arena. With keyboards, synthesizers blended with acoustic instruments he creates music which appeals to people across globe instantly.
         The main reason attributable is his penchant for world music. He is very fond of Indian and Chinese classical music that many of his compositions have tremendous influence of these. For example the track 'dance with the stranger' performed in Tajmahal in 1997 is based on the raga vagulabharanam and the bansuri was used in this song by the world's best flautist Pedro Eustache who can play almost every flute in the world.
 Yanni had made him take bansuri lessons fir authenticity. Similarly the track 'nightingale' performed at The Forbidden City' china in 1997 is based on Chinese traditional music and yanni was inspired to compose when a nightingale sang in the early morning as he woke up, as revealed by him. This song's influences can be seen in A.R. Rahman's "Saharappookkal".

       As Ilayaraja says, unless composition happens without force, it cannot last long. Yanni's compositions are of that category and calibre. In fact his compositions are the themes played in airtel super singer show in vijay TV. People are very much exposed to his songs ; just that his name is unknown.

There are numerous Yannis in the world hidden or lacking proper opportunity to showcase their skills.  But for all, Yanni will definitely be a great inspiration for giving soulful music.

Some of my most favourite tracks of Yanni & to be enjoyed :
1. Nightingale
2. Tribute
3. One man's dream (live at acropolis)
4. Adagio in C minor
5. Standing in motion
6. Enchantment
7. The end of august
8. Santorini
9. Waltz in 7/8
10. At first sight
11. For all seasons
12. You only live once
13. Nostalgia
14. Sand dance
15. Within attraction
16. Truth of touch
17. The flame within
19. Before I go
20. After the sun rise
21. Dance with a stranger
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