Friday, 3 June 2016

Experiencing Porur-Perungalathur bye-pass road.

It thrills you know? I travel daily on Porur to Perungalathur and vice versa. I trust my bike to stretch it limits which is also my day-to-day activity. I was very familiar to this 20 km stretch which literally takes a toll on four wheelers, i meant the toll fare. The amount for toll which I never bothered as I never paid for that till now since being a biker. Anyhow I sometimes get fed up or get hard feeling when I travel on this road. What actually disturbs me as a rider is the service provided against the payment the contractors take.

There are some not-so-big bulged tars here in an irregular intervals due to heavy heat upon during summer and became hard after season ends. It made me to choose a lane within a lane. As a frequent rider i takes a speed on 60 km/h by average. My bike's pillion rider usually bother me for my speed and for my comparatively slow riding itself have a huge impact on my bike when i ride on those bulges said above. Otherwise i would have to bring a sharp cut to dodge those which is a risky thing that i avoid.

One of the worst toll road i ever came across is that Porur-Perungalathur way. The median lane which separates two ways of highway lacks the availablity of plants or anything 4 feet higher which poses threat to riders facing the opposite side headlight beam from numerous vehicles. For a new comer reaching at fork turn at the end of this bye-pass, must trust their own luck when choosing way to Tambaram or Perungalathur. It is so dangerous because the sign board strategically placed exactly at the diverging point and not proactively 500 meters or before. So one must stop the vehicle few meters before this fork turn headache point, and walk nearer to the sign board to find which path leads to where. If you dont want to walkaway from your vehicle, no problem you can directly view the signboard just sitting in your vehicle itself but make sure the other vehicles rushing at this point will take safer turn without hitting your vehicle rear.

There is a phone booth located in the mid of this stretch which was provided under Central Health Ministry scheme which will be available like for every 10 Km in a highway. Remember it is only a phone booth where you can find nothing related to phones. It was used as a latrine for urinal during summer and shelter during rainy season.

Enough about the contractors/government and there comes the bikers. Some regular passerby bikers for their hypo-critic convenience created their own U turn path in the median. (En vazhi Thanee vazhi..) Very horrible when you see a biker takes a sudden cross from almost invisible temporary path in the median.

There was a cemented sideway fence available to separate the near by village road and this highway. No villagers can have idea to use this highway easily unless he/she is a pedestrian. Capable enough to jump over the fence to access this road. During the recent Chembarabakkam flood relief measure, the bulldozers were used to crack the sideway cement fence to let stagnated water flow away. Thats all. After that there were no recementing has been done to close the temporary openings on that after relief process. This allowed the side-by area residents to access this highway by shortcut. Any guy will take a casual slow turn with his two wheeler to merge with highway where heavy vehicles takes a rush. Sometimes you will be very late to identify the intruder from there. You will thank the Almighty that only bikers can use this path otherwise you can imagine the accidents which are available as “Heavy vehicle getting accident in realtime” youtube videos with thousands of viewcount, hundreds of dislikes and few likes.

Near ThiruneerMalai, there is a curve which paves way to view the headlight beam of service road vehicles left to this highway. A major distraction enough which will almost blindfold us to spot the pedestrians or parked vehicles.

In case of any idea about fuel filling there in only one petrol bunk on one side available say Porur-Perungalathur, which means if you travel in the opposite direction you must take bottles to take fuel from that petrol bunk by crossing it by walk only. I saw several walkers by million throughout my 4 years of bike riding here. These crossers were mainly a driver or cleaner of a heavy vehicles who were very capable enough to cross this road against speeding vehicles similar to The Matrix dodging bullet Mr.Neo. I bet, a heart patient will never survive whenever they spot these surprise crossers. I have made up my mind not to use curse words towards these crossing materials.

Since the planning of this highway is not to have proper U turn ways, you may spot some cars coming towards you, when you earlier believed that the car was actually standing still. Usually the patrol vehicles does the same. Some vegetable load vehicles have a peculiar guys seated at the edge of vehicle rear. They sometime fall asleep besides being seated at the edge. I love noticing him to fall to reach the pinnacle of glory but they somehow used to manage their Ananthasayanam without getting disturbed. When I warn them they usually take it as cool or dint hear my voice at that rush.

When three of these similar type loaded vehicles travel closer, the drivers of the same will choose each lanes in the same speed, no its very slow speed. Yes, 3 lanes for 3 vehicles taking parade. You have to honk along with several BMWs and Audi vehicles running behind those thirumoorthis.

(Covering atrocities by writing atrocities continues..)

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