Thursday, 10 April 2014

Apps to Know #2: LS 2014 - App for Lok Sabha Election Result Updates.

Iphone App for election results: LS 2014, An Iphone App which directly enables user to receive the most awaited upcoming Lok Sabha Election results and its related information. This App named as LS 2014.

This app not only covers the numbers but also the portfolio of the contestants, winning contestants' margins etc. Several Lok Sabha related gaming apps have deployed recently which meant for only fun but this app stands mature comparatively among other Lok Sabha related apps by considering the seriousness of serving people with the correct election related information in order to help the citizen to know what abouts of his/her governments' constitution.

When interviewing Mr.Praveen (Arivu Innovations), owner cum developer of this app LS 2014, we came to know about his seriousness and efforts he has been taken to ensure the common man's user experience
in fetching election related updates. In the future, Praveen wish to add more news apart from only election related news in his app.

To download the app from the Iphone stores:

He brings news to the android users also, android version of LS2014 will be released before next month (May 2014).

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