Tuesday, 7 April 2015

5 reasons why CSK is the best IPL team

1. Captain Thala Dhoni

He is the best cricketer and leader of this generation. Captain cool. Whether he is hitting those winning sixes, dancing in a lungi for an ad or riding the streets of chennai on his bike,CSK have the most popular and valuable player in India today. His down to earth attitude makes him a natural fit in Chennai which like its heroes to be humble

2. Raina and Jadeja

Raina's easy going attitude, aggressive fielding and swashbuckling batting along with the 'sir'ness of Jadeja is an awesome combo

3. McCullum

After this worldcup, McCullum has elevated himself to another level and won himself a lot of fans with his aggressive batting and captaincy.

4. Marketing Team

Out of all the IPL teams, CSK manages to bring out the best ads, slogans, flash mobs and every marketing trick in the trade. Whistle podu to this awesome team.

5. The Fans

Hero worship comes naturally to chennai. You don't need to try too hard to get people going in a city that is crazy about its stars. Whether it is the rajni mania or the thala-thalapathy fan wars. This means that CSK have the most loyal and most emotional fans who stand by the team through highs and lows. And that is the X factor that makes a difference.

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