Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ezhil thappu pannittan

Innoarulagathile katha intha mathiri koode irukkalam

Gowri flashback
Gowri nalla pesara type. aana childhood kocham troubled. Veetla amma appa eppovume sanda.
She does not feel loved at home. Badly needs emotional support and external validation.

Ezhil flashback
Regular tamil payyan. School le ponnunga koode avlova pesinathu kedayathu.
Tamil padam revenge plots pathu valantha paya. Simbu manmadhan movie romba rasichu patha paya.

Meetup Phase

College le by chance Gowri and Ezhil end up in the same friends circle. Rendu perum start chatting. Gowri needs somebody for emotional support. Ezhil close aaka try pannumbothu she is haapy that yaaro oruthan avalukkaga care panran. Ezhil is happy that avanukkum oru girl respond panra.

Boredom Phase
After sometime however things start to go sour. Gowri realize pannra that Ezhil koode vazhntha her life will be like her parents life. Always fighting. So she starts withdrawing from him. Ezhil panics. He realizes that he is losing the only girl who was talking to him.

The breakup with Ezhil is hard on Gowri too. She desperately wants to settle with a nice guy. That's when she meets Gladwyn. She likes him. When she relaises that Ezhil knows about her love for Gladwyn and  will create problems, she hopes that if innoru thadave Ezhil le meet panni time spend panna he will understand her point of view and let her live. But  Ezhil decides to take revenge.

Tragedy for both Ezhil and Gowri

Padicha fiction non fiction books and paatha movies ellam vechu karpanai sencha possible situation.
Unakku nadanthiruntha therinchirukkum, nee avale kalyanam pannuviya nu ellam keppanunga ezhil fans. Athu avanga point of view.

Pokerface point of view:
Ezhil paya thappu pannitan. Vittituu poittanna koncham naal thanni adichu depressed irunthiruppan. Athukkapram seriya poyi life nalla poyirukkum. Athe ippadi publica release panni thappu pannittan.

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