Monday, 13 April 2015

9 Advices to Mumbai Indians Management before meeting CSK this season.

It was bad if you missed yesterday's match in IPL 2015. KXIP vs MI. There are lot of CSK ingredients you got to see at MI batting to be specific Harbhajan Singh's batting.

1. Bhaji registered a tornado batting of 64 (24 Balls 5 Fours, 6 sixes) using only his spirit and confidence which other MI batsmen lacks and some value out of his cricketing experiences.

2. Harbhajan and Suchith scored 19-17-20-15-17-11 runs in the last six overs respectively against the terrific bowling by KXIP bowlers.MI team should stop using wild skills during the time of nothing to loose. Bhaji started playing striking shots only when entire MI lost its confidence in their innings.

3. As Dhoni received this label, you may also say Bhaji's batting a Fluke but extreme confidence and spirit will make you meet a ball at right instance which will surely fetch Fours and sixes.

4. Dhoni always harvests this kind of spirit and confidence rather than skills. He sees in himself and also to his teammates.

Click Here to Watch Harbhajan Singh's entertaining 24-ball 64

5. Harbhajan's shots were lessons to MI technicians sitting infront of laptops striving for excellency. Too much of technical things will spoil the sport.Spirit and Confidence must play consciously, skills and net practice were for subconscious preparation. Every batsmen knows perfectly meeting a ball will fetch runs but they failed to understand what makes them to miss that.

6. People behind MI strategies must also check their player's pulse at frequent period and make sure that the same has enough aggressiveness to the destroy the opponent's confidence. In CSK, Dhoni enough will take care of it in the ground too.

7. In the set after match, these words were from the losing skipper
"Our batsmen got out to poor shots" - R.Sharma, 2015.
    An amateur cricket spectator may say this age old sobering words Mr.Rohit, you got to learn some more team management rather than being too much of technical.

8. Last advice, try out experimenting players with best skills against abnormal challenges. I wonder MI team still underestimates Harbhajan singh by leaving him to bat at 6th or 7th down at losing some more wickets after a collapsed situation. Wise guy may decide to have Bhaji at powerplay or when team loses the grip at chasing runrate. Must remember Captain cool asked Ashwin to bowl against the mighty Chris Gayle at powerplay. Best skills vs Abnormal challenges

9. Not sure that MI will win this season, If they make it then its a gem of a win despite their too much of technicalities wired between their legs.

Welcoming more suggestions and feedbacks...

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