Sunday, 24 May 2015

BJP vs Congress - The Social Media War

1 year aatchu

Ippo BJP is getting a taste of its own medicine.
2014 election campaign fulla Rahul Gandhi and congress image damage panrathkkaga they were twisting the facts
Petrol Price issue which was dependent on global factors, environmental clearance, FDI, national security... everything.
Namma makkal whatsapp and facebook la evanayavithu kevalapaduthi  ethavuthu vantha athe kanmoodi thanama nambarathu and forward pannradhu
Idha payanpaduthi BJP was able to create a massive anti-congress and pro-modi wave.
And that is how they won the election

But what goes around comes around.

Ippo a lot of what the government is doing is in the right direction. Whether it is traveling to other countries and attracting investment, modifying the land bill to ensure that development is not held to ransom, finding shortcuts to speed up defence acquisition that has been pending for a long time. All of these are steps in the right direction. (correct from the capitalist point of view. socialism and communism believe pannravagalukku ithu thappa than theriyum. But pokerface point of view is that communism is a failed philosophy and capitalism for all its faults is good for everyone in the long term)

But now congress is taking a leaf out of BJP campaign book and spreading conspiracy theories about all these. Land bill, foreign trips, defence acquisition... And namma makkal are believeing. BJP cannot complain because they invented this.

Aana makkale... ennama.... ippadi panreengale ma...

Whenever there is change, there is going to be positive and negative effects. Long term intha change namakku nallatha kettatha nnu analyse panni we need to  take a stand. Kanmmodi thanama if we believe and forward everything that we receive on social media, the only winners will be BJP and Congress. There will be no real progress. We need to realize that each of them have professional teams working on social media and mainstream media to manipulate public opinion. Once we realize that we will be able to  take an educated stand.


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