Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Short Story: A Cricket loving Interviewer

These all happened two days before, at fine morning I heard a lady voice introduced as a HR executive regarding the call of interview for the vacancy of Software Programmer in Kandamba Technologies. Unfortunately, couldn't get to know about the name of her and the call completed with my incompleteness. I was very much surprised to know me shortlisted for the interview as I knew about my weight-age of my resume I've posted in Navukkiri website.

That was actually an another surprise when I faced that company's interviewer two days later, Mr.Kandanswamy, who spoke to me in a very native language and the more surprise was the most unfamiliar question he asked me when I was ready to face typical set of interview questions. I came to know instantly that no blah blah technical bookish answers will give good result. 

"Scenario solren, query ezhudhu, fouru sixeroda enakku batsmen records result varanum"
("I will give you the scenario, you have to write the query to fetch the batsmen records of indian players along with boundaries and sixes count") is the first question I faced when i came to attend the interview of a company with a native name.

"Indian players??". 

"Yes" he nodded confidently.

"Ok, do you want me to write the code in this paper itself?"

"Illa, Pc tharen" ("No, I will give you a PC").

I was prepared to face only basic questions but was not sure about to face this cricket related task instead I made myself to listen his words politely, humbly, down-to-earthly etc. These bavyams came with my previous company called dermicindia. Kandanswamy was flattered it seems. He pointed out a PC to carry out the task which he has given to me. The moment he left the place, I started browsing my blog in which i have already posted of how to connect with database in a very clear manner. With the help of that blog i somehow managed to complete only 75% of the task but didn't forget to continue those bavyams whenever he came for frequent inspections. 

When the stipulated interview time got over, he gone through the codes which I have developed for the task. I said with a very polite slavery tone that there were some left-overs in that task. He acknowledged my submissions and started to fix the remaining 25% and gave me a Guru look and said something the moment he completed. Not to say that he has completed the remaining in less than a minute. For me it will take more than a hour. That was the worst moment when you realize lately that the Guru glance was meant to insult me and it was "Its okay" he said.

After that quick insult, big one came sooner that receptionist cum security personnel told me that they will call me later if the management shortlist me. Such a typical positively masked negative response that several software companies in Chennai(I think) will say these words instead of "You are not selected".

Couldn't sleep that night because that was 41st failed interview consecutively. For me, interview failures were always severe than love failures. Can you imagine my pain? 

Some days after, felt weird about that interviewer for asking me about Indian cricket players' records as interview questions but usually interviewers from other companies ask with the examples of employee details. He must surely be a dumb lover of cricket sport I thought.

Few more days later, all of my doubts got cleared when I came to know that the interviewer gave a practical day-to-day task from the company which provides game solutions to several cricket boards in India and realized that I got selected by that interviewer who possessed a worst taste of cricket. One more to add, I eagerly inquired to receptionist to know about the work area of that lady HR and also decided to spend some chatting time with her as I already noticed the coffee day cafe near by to the office. The receptionist was very kind enough to guide me till that lady HR bay and shocked to see that the seat was occupied by an around 40 years old man with bald head. He happily noticed me and shook my hand.

Then he asked me, "Nice to have you here, what do you drink? C'mon man, we have a coffee day cafe shop near by. let's move!"

"Yes, this voice belonged to that lady HR who made the interview call"

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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