Saturday, 29 March 2014

Short Stories #3: A sudden contentment

She felt nervous. Confused. She wasn't sure if she had found the right one, but she wanted to see if this could work. She knew she deserved a good companion for life. She decided to meet him again the next day.
She woke up in the middle of the night, gasping for breathe. Nocturnal awakening wasn't new to her. She could wipe those beads of sweat over her forehead and neck, but she couldn't expunge those four faces off her mind. The pain. “No. Don't think”. She told herself. She cuddled with her pillow and tried to sleep.
Morning rays were beautiful. And she looked stunning in her orange chiffon saree. After three long years, she felt her skin glowing and radiant. An inexpressible wave of happiness spread within her. With strong intent, she headed to the place where she met him the previous day.
Her mind was occupied with Kalyan's thoughts. The happiness, love and bondage they shared. It was magical! 2 years of married life. A loud honk. The driver announced that she had reached the destination. She got down the cab and walked towards the office.
He was there. Neatly dressed and laughing out loud. She smiled at him affectionately and he sprang towards her. A sudden contentment. A new meaning to life. There wasn't any confusion now. Somewhere she felt Kalyan smiling at her. She started filling out the form.

Name: Mrs. Adithi Kalyan
Age: 26 yrs
Maritial Status: Widow.

She filled rest of the particulars and signed the adoption papers. But there were few more things she couldn't mention in the form.
Yes. She was the victim of the brutal gang rape that happened three years ago. And the one who lost her husband in the attack.

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