Sunday, 23 March 2014

Life art #1: You are tired of your job. Aren't You? Here's what you can do

This post is specifically targeted at people in the 25-30 age group. The unmarried ones.

We have been working for 5-6 years now. 
Some of us may have been in the same job, some may have switched multiple jobs, some may have gone onsite a couple of times and come back.
But there is something common to most of us.
We are tired of the job and do not know what to do. 

The Problem
  1. We do not find the job to be meaningful or challenging enough
  2. We take work too seriously. We are afraid of not doing well
  3. Mostly we do not have to interact much with people in office and have to work alone
  4. We spend most of the time after office with office friends discussing office stuff
  5. We have made enough enemies in office and do not want to see some of the faces everyday
  6. We have lost touch with old friends
  7. We are fake with family. They do not know that we drink "socially" and other complications. We have to lie a lot to them.
  8. We have stopped making new friends.
Quitting the job is not the solution. Any other place you go to will be similar.
To change this, you need to do something drastically different. A small one week break is not going to make a difference.

The Shock Treatment
  1. Take a long leave. Atleast a month. Your boss might be surprised at first but convince him that it will better for both of you in the long run if you come back fresh.
  2. Travel. Travel to the cities and towns where your school and college friends are. Catch up with them. Rebuild old friendships that you had let die because of being too involved in work.
  3. Spend time with family. Tell them all the things that they did not know about you. They will be horrified at first but you do not have to lie to your family anymore.
After a month, when you are back in office, you will be fresh. But you will soon fall back into the same habits if you do not do some permanent changes to your lifestyle.

The Permanent Change
  1. Spend the money that you earn. Move into the posh locality with the high rent.
  2. Spend the money that you earn. Buy a second hand sedan and go on long drives
  3. Spend the money that you earn. Go to the expensive restaurants
  4. Dress well to office. Full Formals. Plain Shirts. Full Sleeve Not Folded. Clean Shave. Not for anybody else but for your own confidence.
  5. Develop a friends circle outside office.
  6. Take leaves often. Attend all your friend's weddings. This is where you catch up with old friends and make new ones 
  7. Learn to enjoy doing things alone. Go alone to that movie that you know none of your friends will like
  8. Learn to enjoy doing things alone. Go alone to that museum that you know none of your friends will like
  9. Learn to enjoy doing things alone. Go alone to that city and explore the food places at your own pace
  10. Learn to enjoy doing things alone. Go alone on long drives
  11. Participate actively in your school and college whatsapp groups
  12. Call your best friends often. Not whatsapp. Call
This is what I think will work. What do you think? 

If you think some of the things mentioned in this post is the case with you, comment with a +1 below.
If you think there are other things that should be part of the problems section, comment below.
If you think there are other things that should be part of the permanent change section, comment below.

- PokerFace


Parthi said...

Well.i think it shows lack of experience with what to do deal with the situation.And whats been discussed here is a temporary workaround not a permanent fix.If you do all 12 listed , still you will be in the extremely boring loop..its on n on n on...probably .If you are doing this still you have to face Monday mornings, Weekly targets,social commitments etc.. in the same way..the empty space will still be there... what should one do is attempt to change about your perception of life such possible way to reach that is Yoga.when followed consistently it peels you off layer by layer & gives you peace of mind.all thats been discussed here is just one or other form of seeking happiness...I tried it & worked..

Parthi said...

tx arul for bearing with me for long time..this is my first ever blog post..i shall write more of my experiences as quick as possible under various posts..tx for the enabling the platform & wonderful initiative..

m arul said...

A great psychological post from Pokerface. I see two different strategies or approaches to the boring life from the post and comment above. No comparisons. Keep posting dude, you opened the topic, provided the solution and started a discussion. Looking into your views gives refreshing thoughts. Kudos to you Pokerface and Parthi.

PokerFace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PokerFace said...

what we are discussing is two ways of solving the problem. one way is like what you say, minimize the need for happiness by doing yoga and stuff. the other way is to maximize the opportunities for finding happiness in small things. both the options are available. upto each individual to choose their path.

Parthi said...

Thnx Arul..I have been trying real hard to start new post & share my views on others as well..I couldn't keep up the bac home on April 14th..probably i'l full fledgely move from then on..kindly excuse.

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