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Music Review #1: Notations from my heart - Part 2 - Shankar Jaikishen

I have decided to have my second post on this topic in English on the music of the most successful composer duo of Indian film music - Shankar Jaikishen.  I am not going to go into their life history et all as many materials are available on the same; it is more about how much I have enjoyed their music and their varied musical sensibilities.  Right from their debut in 'Aag' in 1948 till their last collaboration, the duo composed in varied genres. Touted to be the first composers to introduce raga Keeravani into hindi film music extensively, they were the first unique users of violins in a different form along with Salil Chaudury. Their songs are usually adorned with amazing violins, excellent rhythm, beautiful accordion musical pieces and a melody deeply routed in Indian classical music
                                    I usually keep them at par with our own duo MSV-TKR. One common similarity between both duos is that they give utmost importance to the main melody and choosing lyrics that fit/ do not disrupt the melody flow. Also both were the pioneers of light music in their own ways.  In fact both duos have similar influences in a few of their compositions and in the compositions of other composers For eg : kisi ki muskarahaton from anari (1959) has a similar song in Annai (1962) in buththiyulla manidhan .  The latter's ninaipathellam from nenjil oar aalayam gave influence for the equally sombre classic yaad na jaaye in its Hindi remake dil ek mandir. The song pyar hua ikrar hua was 'used' in tamizh songs by the deva family - once in a decent way [Sembaruthi poove - kaadhal solla vandhen-deva (unreleased film in the late 90s)] and another in a horrible way (Innum enna vanam - ayudham seivom - srikanth deva). The song 'Jeena Yahan' from Mera Naam Joker was the inspiration for the first two lines of the famous song 'Kaadhodudhan Naan paaduven' Much of their best compositions were from their collobaration with the show man Raj Kapoor.  With amazing musicians both duos gave songs that are immortal, grand and most heard. 

20 songs of Shankar-Jaikishen that I savour the most are as under
1. Pyaar hua ikraar hua - Shree 420 (
2. Mera jhoota hai - Shree 420 (
3. Awaara hoon - Awaara (
4. Raat ke humsafar - An evening in Paris ( )
5. Koi matwala - Love in tokyo (
6. Sayanara - Love in Tokyo (
7. Jeena yahan - Mera naam joker (
8. Yeh mera Prem patr - Sangam (
9. Kehta hai joker - Mera Naam Joker (
10. Yaad na jaaye - Dil ek mandir (
11. Kisi ki muskurahaton - Anari (
12. Yeh raat bheegi - chori chori (
13. Manmohana - Seema (
14. Aye meri dil - Daag (
15. Zindagi ek safar - Andaz (
16. Dil ki nazar - Anari (
17. Duniya Banaanewale - Teesri Kasam (
18. Sajan Re Jhoot - Teesri Kasam (
19. Choti si yeh zindagani - Aah (
20. Yeh Shaam ki Tanhaiyan - Aah ( 

Quite a lot of these songs are from the limited collection that I have / remember. There are numerous other songs that have impacted my musical senses.

                                        Cherish music pan culture and languages for happiness

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