Monday, 24 March 2014

Life art #2: The different kinds of people in your friends circle

Any resemblance to characters living or dead is purely coincidental.

The Emotional/Enthu Person
He will be there to be of service, anytime anywhere. You can count on him to organize events, make accounts, solve fights, get everyone to talk in the whatsapp group. He is the one man responsible for keeping the group together.

The Angel
She is sweet. She is nice to everyone, has a beautiful smile, not very ambitious, just wants to have a good time, in her own world

The BJP fan
He is a NaMo fan. He will shout down anybody who dares to say anything against NaMo. He will abuse Rahul Gandhi and the entire Gandhi family. And if you don't join him in the abuse you will be branded a congress anti national agent.

The Strong Independent Woman
Ambitious. Logical. Stylish. Does not show emotions. Stubborn. Very clear about what she wants and what she doesn't. She drinks and is generally awesome unless you end up falling for her.

The Cynic
He is pessimistic about everything. He discovers an agenda to everything that people do. He can be happy only when other people are sad.

The Hero
Calm and confident. Good with people. Talks a lot. Influential in the group.

The Drama Queen
She wants attention. Will do anything to get attention. But generally sweet.

The Body Builder
He has only one aim in life. Make other people in the group feel bad about not being fit.

The Funny Guy
He can make anyone laugh. In any situation. 

To be continued...

Meanwhile describe your friends in the comments below

- PokerFace

1 comment:

m arul said...

How about the ethnic guy, who talks about dravidianism, language domination, Revolution, communism? then a romeo. :D

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