Friday, 28 March 2014

Short Stories #4: Fastest Fingers First

He was sitting amongst the other contestants in the studio. The question for Fastest Fingers First had just flashed. He realized it was the toughest and yet, he could crack it up in 3 secs. Faster than any of those contestants around him.

The moments passed. It was his game. He is now with his favorite host on the hot seat and the magic moment has come. “Option 'C' is the right answer! You've won 1 crore rupees Mr. Srikanth”. A blast of glitters and color papers were showered all around. He overwhelms with the joy of winning and his family beams with pride.

All in few moments! The buzzer goes up and he could see..

Venkatarajulu Narashimma Reddy : 5.23 seconds
Srikanth Velappan : 5.41 seconds

Huh! That was the last round of Fastest Fingers First for this batch! Two seconds of daydreaming has resulted in perfect disaster! :( :(

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