Monday, 31 March 2014

Short Stories #6: iPhone jPhone.

“Dei! What da iPhone jPhone? End of the day, the purpose of a phone is to talk and convey the message. Look at my Nokia 6310i. It has got internet and mp3 player as well. What else do you need? Enough of showing off with your iPhone da. Don't spoil that kid Ammu with that Flappy Birds App.”
Ammu is our 5-year old neighbour. He told those words for the fifth time today, I guess. I was glad to hear that irritation in his voice. Yeah, the irritation that signified his interest and attraction towards the phone.
That night, he came to my room to check if I was asleep. “Dei! Where is your iPhone? Give me da. Let me see what is in it.”, he asked. Again. The moment I was waiting for. “Poda anna. I'm asleep. Play tomorrow. You don't know to handle a touch phone.”
He left the place. He couldn't let his ego down to his ten-year-younger brother. That's him. Adamant but selfless. I've never seen him satisfying his own needs and doesn't bother about it too.
For the last four days, I ensured he couldn't access my iPhone. This evening, when I came home, I saw Ammu playing Temple Run in an iPhone 5S. For the first time, he has bought something he desired. And for me, mission accomplished

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