Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Short Stories #1: Salary day

Salary day. It was her first earning. A wallet filled with fresh currency notes. She boarded a bus in order to make an offering to God on account of her new job.

As she got down from the crowded bus someone from behind snatched her wallet and raced into the streets. She instantaneously realized what had happened and ran after the pickpocket. Hopes of providing good food to her kid for next few days flashed before her eyes. She had to get him. She cried for help. With the aid of the gathering, she caught him quick and got back the wallet. She awed at her courage. The crowd took charge of the thief.

She was panting heavily. She walked to the temple and made her offering. Indeed, it was her first earning and probably would be the last as well. As a pickpocket.


m arul said...

Short story at its best, U made it reading with selective words and you justified ending with a comical twist wit. Kudos. Ashwakann ! Keep going

PokerFace said...


Ashwakann said...

Thnk u :)

Ashwakann said...

Thnk u :)

Rajasekaran Krishnakumar said...

@ashwa: short... simple.... yet there is an underlining in the story that happens in it... it shows the economy of under privileged is yet to be improved. Nice and good work...bringing short(er) stories into english... I felt yours to be as short as a sonnet

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